Small, and Packed with Love

Kristen and JT... a relationship for the books. These two have been in each others' lives since most of us can remember. We always knew they would end up tying the knot, but we were never quite sure when...

Today was the day. Everything went as planned, and everyone played a special part in the making of it. Purple and teal were blooming everywhere. The patio was adorned with a white floral arch and an ordained gentleman playing the dual role of "date" to a bridesmaid stood waiting for the bride and her father to walk the short isle. Standing room only, it was an interesting task to photograph the action from every angle.

One thing that helped obtain a new perspective: one of us was in the wedding party. Yes, you heard that correctly. Brandon Aufiero was playing a dual role as well. Standing amid the groomsmen, he snapped shots of the bridesmaids as they entered, and of the bride herself walking the runner to the arch.

Knowing these two, the reception was nothing short of a blast. shots were poured, cupcakes were smashed, and family and friends danced to classics as well as new-age party numbers. The mid-day wedding felt like it ran late into the night with the dj's lights streaming and the music blaring. It was hard to believe that just beyond the tinted glass, the world was going about their afternoon errands.

It was a great day, to say the least. From caricature artists to the Nightmare Before Christmas themed cake, so many aspects of this day were unique and unconventionally amazing. Best wishes to the happy couple!

#restaurantwedding #riverfrontwedding #blue #purple #outdoor #daytimewedding

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