Handmade, Hand-Built, and Hearts Full

Imagine making every aspect of your wedding by hand. Imagine literally building the face of a house as a backdrop. Image inventing games for your outdoor "bungalow" style reception area. Dani imagined it and made it happen. This way truly a DIY-er's dream wedding. From the chandeliers to the "slide ball" it was all hand picked and hand built.

In the backyard of an old farm house, these two tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony of white lace and woven burlap.

They said their "I do's" with their toddler standing by and their life-long friends surrounding them in an arc.

During cocktail hour, guests enjoyed several sets in which they were transported to a living room, or a vanity, or even the front of a house, as props were built and arranged to great a multi-dimensional world in one back yard.

Not to mention the campground assembled about 50 yards from it all for their guests to pitch a tent and get cozy for the night! I even heard breakfast was served in the morning. What a great idea!

As expected, the after-party... I mean reception... was nothing short of spectacular. The DJ blasted, the dancefloor filled, and groups dispersed down the hill to the series of games specially designed for the crowds of fun-loving partiers. Anything from corn-hole to an invented game of slide-ball were being played.

Grandmothers and granddaughters alike joined in games of beer pong, and a bartender was amid it all slinging cocktails.

It was a great day and night, all around! Our best to the happy couple!

#vintage #DIY #lace #farmwedding #outdoor

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